Great job. You’ve launched a product. Now is not the time to just rest on your laurels. Oh no my friend, it’s time to clock in some more overtime here.

For starters, customer feedback is key for when you’ve just launched a new product. Absolutely. So many times I’ve seen products launched, and designers not reaching out for some form of feedback on how the customer is feeling when using said product. You can’t just sit back and digest the odd positive/negative comment on Twitter, or one email that landed in your inbox from Mr A. Disgruntled customer. Nope.

Reach out to them via Email. Ask them to kindly fill out a Survey. But make sure you interact with them. Let them know you want to create a product that can serve them in the best possibly way.

Now, don’t be completely dictated by every single response, but do take them on board, and act on them accordingly. Also remember to get that MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) of yours out of the door, then iterate, raise awareness, oh, and iterate some more.

Your product is never a finished article, it’s there to be built on, and improved with each iteration.

This is only the beginning of your baby’s journey (cue some form of whimsical music).

Congratulations. After the long, arduous, ideating-to-prototyping slog, from building and testing to scrapping your way to meet funding goals to creating some sort of momentum and hype through PR, your product has finally been released to the masses.

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