I remember, back in the day, using a couple of tools for Wireframing. One called Balsamiq (which I still use, and highly recommend if you’re not a fan of sketching on A4 and/or Post-It notes), and the other called Axure.

Back then it was a little clearer to UI/UX Designers (although we we’re just called Web Designers then) what a Wireframe was. Now I think for Designers just starting out, that they can get a little confused as to what a Wireframe is exactly, or where, and when it slots into the Product Design and Development process.

There’s this kind of grey area in peoples minds as to where a Wireframe ends, and a Mockup/Comp starts, but this great article below by Sophie Rewaters is an absolute must-read if you want to discover more.

When it comes to wireframing the easiest way to describe it as the cornerstone of product design and development. Regardless of the project itself, you will work with this tool in the early stage when building websites or mobile applications.

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