I’m a MacBook Pro fan/user/cult follower, shame I don’t see more of it when it’s in clamshell mode hooked up to a Thunderbolt. What a bloody great waste of Retina!

Anyways. I’ve really not been impressed with the latest version of MBPs. Touch Bar, no, no, and no. I can hear Apple really scraping the barrel with that one. Of absolutely no use to a UI/UX Designer. My model from 2013 is, in my mind, the last great MBP for designers that they produced. Everything after it has been much less bang for your buck.

That’s why I’m impressed with what Microsoft are doing with the Surface Book and Pro. Really quite impressed. And that’s coming, as you know from a die-hard Apple fan. If i was a designer running Windows, that would be the only option I would jump for without a second thought.

Today there are more options for designers, than ever before. Like real designer machines. And that’s a great thing to see happening. Not every designer is a MacHead after all.

The MacBook Pro has long been a staple for professional designers. It’s fast, aesthetically beautiful and, well, a Mac. But it’s expensive. Very expensive. The top-end 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro is pushing £2,700, which is a huge investment for any freelancer or, indeed, studio.

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