‘Build it, and they will come’ is one of the most overused quotes, and is what’s expected by many a Designer when it comes to their Portfolio online.

You really do need to be more pro-active than ever to get yourself noticed by a potential client, or employer. You need to be visible in the places that these people frequent, and make yourself stand out in an extremely dense crowd.

There’s the usual route of Dribbble, Behance or its kind of ilk, but go a step further than that. Post on Instagram frequently. Share your opinions on Twitter on a frequent basis too. Write on Medium, be it your views on the Industry, or Tutorials relating to it.

If people find your opinions and/or guides helpful they will pass the message around. Find something that suits you, and roll with it. This in turn will enable your work to find its way to more people than just sticking your portfolio out there, and hoping for the best.

 We all know blogging and personal portfolio sites have been very important for designers looking to increase their visibility to clients and others who admire their work. But there are some key developments that have risen up over the past decade which, in my opinion, are threatening to eliminate the need for having a personal domain.

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