One of the sections I picked out of the article linked below is the talk of Formal Education and how folks who didn’t follow this route handle themselves in a ‘Designer-Speak-Technical-Jargon-Fuelled’ conversation with colleagues who did.

My advice to you. Don’t sweat it.

Don’t in any way feel that because you didn’t have a formal education in design, and so you don’t understand all the designer lingo, that you are in some way inferior to those folks who did. At the end of the day it’s your work, and the quality of it that’s the only voice that truly needs to be heard. Be able to vocalise your thoughts in a Professional environment. Have a voice of some description, but don’t feel that you have to get caught up in some kind of ‘Designer Speak’ jousting contest just to impress other designers.

Let your work do most of the talking, that’s the most important part, simple as that.

So just as you’re intimidated by your coworkers’ design speak, they might be intimidated by how well you talk about your designs in civilian language. Your designs don’t rely upon fanfare or name-dropping; you’ve just got that talent and that drive.

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