Pixel Perfect

Not a pixel out of place. Oh no, not in this dojo. Tweaked to within an inch of its life. There's no reason for a pixel out of place.

Nested Symbols

With the power of Nested Symbols you can apply visual changes to the template faster than you can boot up a MacBook Pro. Oh yes indeed.

12 Column Grid

Based on the 12 Column Bootstrap Grid, you have a popular grid system that will have you snapping into place rather erm... snappy.

Stylishly simple, and beautiful in equal measure

Start your next project with a template that just looks great from the get-go. Stylish looks is simply in its DNA.

Use it as you wish. It's yours for zilch, nada, zip.

Use it as a starter template for your next project, or simply use it for a little design inspiration. It's entirely up to you. With its minimal aesthetic it's a perfect fit for a modern day web project.

Quick Note: Grab the Premium Version of Journey, bundled with the Cabana Design System here.

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