Just a short one today. Hey it’s Friday! You don’t want me going all Mariana Trench deep on you right? From a visual standpoint along with Type and Imagery, Colour is one of those key elements that when used correctly can improve the aesthetic, and overall likability of a product, ten-fold. Something as subtle as a complementary gradient, or accent colour used on a button is sometimes all it takes.

The article linked below mentions about vibrant colours being a big trend (oh no not those trend type things) in 2017, and long may that last.

Now, you don’t have to have an in-depth knowledge of Colour Theory akin to Stephen Hawking knowing about time & space, you just need to find something that you’re happy with and trust your intuition, it’s not an exact science. Colour Theory is something that can be refined and improved on over time, yes, but it’s just about you trusting your gut and trying something bold on occasion. Oh and sticking to the client’s Brand guidelines of course. Bummer!

I’m a big fan of vibrant colour in product design. You can, in the simplest way, set a mood, influence users, and create a great experience for them, all with a couple of bold colour choices.

Color is one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s toolkit. It can draw attention, set a mood, influence users’ emotions, perceptions and actions.

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