The author in the article linked below mentions about snagging her first UX Design role with no Higher Education badge of honour emblazoned across her CV, but still got her foot in the door. And you can too.

The industry keeps on growing at rather healthy rate, and the job opportunities are coming thick and fast, and there’s always enough to go around.

It’s about making great contacts, having a great Portfolio, which no does not need to be littered with logos of major brands to get you noticed. You can have smaller projects you may have worked on, or redesigns that you’ve attempted, and detailed case studies on why you created these the way you did. A portfolio just full of pretty pictures without any meaning behind them will just get pushed aside.

There’s a lot of well paid roles coming up all the time, but in the same token there’s also a lot of people clamouring for those roles, so you need something to rise above the rest.

Make connections with the right people. Be brave and just reach out to them via a Social Network or Email, and ask for advice. 9 times out of 10 they’ll be willing to give you some, or open a few doors for you.

And get your voice heard in the design community. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous article you can’t just stick your portfolio up there and wait for the magic employment fairy to float down. You’ve got to be proactive, and get involved.

Keep learning, always be working on something to hone your skills even further, be proactive and you can achieve success, no doubt about that. No degree required.

Even though we live in a world where you can practically Google everything, people are walking libraries and breathing resources. It’s most likely that you’ll land your next job through connections.

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